Saying yes to your best work means saying no to others, including your pesky inner critic

IfIf you’re someone who does creative work, unless it’s bringing in a reasonable paycheck, you probably treat it like a hobby. Is it really a big deal if you didn’t write today? Your family needed clean laundry. So what if you didn’t paint this afternoon? Your sister called to vent…

While the guest list is rigged, you still belong

A woman discusses her idea in a meeting with a male colleague.

SoSo you want to be in the room where it happens. Maybe that room is your firm’s conference suite, where you envision yourself sitting at the head of the table as the lead on a major project. Or perhaps it’s an Olympic soccer field, a stage at Lincoln Center, or…

If you want to write the hard stuff, write for children.

I want to talk about hurt.

How many of you write for children or teens (or both) because you were hurt as a kid? Because those wounds from so long ago still hurt? Or because you see the hurt so many teens and children endure, a hurt that is so…

If you need permission to quit, consider it given.

Whenever I encounter a student or client who needs me to hold their hand and walk them to the page, someone who views the act of writing as artistic waterboarding, I will at some point say these magic words to them:

You don’t have to be a writer.

The response is crickets, because it’s pretty much the…

Heather Demetrios

Author, coach, editor, & mindfulness mentor. Newest: LITTLE UNIVERSES and CODE NAME BADASS.

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